Who are we?

Hi I'm Amy and I've been the owner of The Vegan and Eco Store for 3 years now.  It came as a way of myself and others being able to access affordable eco and vegan friendly items and cleaners.  We like to leave as little damage to the planet, each other and animals as we can.  This is really important to us.  

I've been vegan since 2018 and in 2020 a little herbivore called Penelope entered the world.  You'll often see her at markets or on the rounds.  

We are based in Dover and love living by the see despite Amy not being able to swim.

As a company we love to talk about making difference and a big supporters of use what you have and the secondhand movement.

We try to not have items with Palm oil but where we do we make sure our suppliers source it from a sustainable source.

Where we can we work with closed loop suppliers and believe in reusing over recycling.